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ABOUT redbug studio

RedBug Studio has acquired a good reputation for its quality & service-oriented approach. RedBug Studio has the best quality services in the realm of video post-production. We consistently keep upgrading our technology to match the times. This advanced technology, when coupled with the finest professionals, helps us to deliver the best post-production services at the most optimum speed. The core team is hugely experienced, with experiences ranging from video to advertising agency to feature films.  We love what we do and possess the right experience to cater to your needs during the entire production process. We’re always open to serving you as we want to be a part of your story. We’ve assisted others to reach their goals and we would like to serve you with the same!

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Jasmeet Singh is a professional Poster Designer, Graphic Designer & Video Editor. He is well versed with new technologies and the latest software. Your need will instantly be captured in his thoughts which in turn will help in coming up with all the required solutions for your graphic needs. His passion for his profession can be felt in his work.



Bavandeep Singh is a professional in IT and Digital Marketing. He has worked in many companies as a system administrator and digital marketer. He is very dedicated and hard-working. Finishes his task on time and heartedly. His passion is to give his best for the company so that it provides a good impact on them.

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